It's a Partnership

In a nation bursting with innovation, there are more than 6 million businesses with dedicated teams striving for success. And guess what? A staggering 99% of them are small businesses, just like us at Arrowhead Tech.

Every step, every decision, every sleepless night — we've been there. We understand the sweat and smiles that shape a business. Beyond just profit, small businesses are the soul of our neighborhoods and the fabric of our shared dreams.

Picture your business as a high-performance auto racing team, where various departments act as specialized components— pit crew, drivers, engineers, marketing, and logistics — each playing a crucial role in achieving success on the track. Steering this fast-paced venture is advanced technology, deftly integrating these components into a synchronized and impactful race strategy. Arrowhead Tech is the driving force behind this synergy in your organization, leveraging the precision of technology to propel your business down the fast track to success.

Dive deep, understand, and then empower — that's our mantra. We celebrate the spirit of business, understanding that it's the people who make them truly shine. With Arrowhead Tech, relationships go beyond contracts; they transform into partnerships.

For us, it's simple: Your success is our journey. We don't just aim. We achieve.

Dustin Abell

Dustin is a dedicated entrepreneur who established Arrowhead Tech in 2015 with the vision of changing small businesses' perceptions of IT providers. Recognizing a need for personalized service and a deep understanding of individual business operations, he aimed to offer robust support.

With a solid background spanning 15 years as a Law Enforcement Officer in various roles, Dustin concurrently managed secure networks and CJIS data. His extensive experience in Healthcare IT further equipped him with the knowledge required to navigate compliance regulations and uphold the security and efficiency of large networks.

Driven by a passion for assisting others, Dustin forged strong partnerships with small and medium businesses, focusing on optimizing their processes and networks for peak performance.

Outside of work, Dustin finds joy in spending quality time with his wife and four children. His commitment to continuous learning is evident, and he takes to the skies using his Private Pilot's License, exploring new places and embracing new experiences.

Logan Abell

Logan currently serves as our Chief Technology Officer, but his impact resonates far beyond the title. Logan bridges the gap between complex technical challenges and business needs, ensuring that clients are protected and empowered.

An active Air Force veteran with over six years of service as a Cyber Systems Operator, Logan has spent time defending critical IT environments within the DoD and the Department of Health. His background includes Network Design, System Administration, Compliance Integration, and Virtualization.

Further enriching his credentials is a certification in CompTIA Security+ and a Cybersecurity degree from Champlain College, grounding his hands-on experience with a solid academic foundation.

Off the clock, Logan is a tinkerer at heart, but he never misses a chance to laugh with his wife or create lasting memories with family.

Our Core Values

People, Purpose, Passion — these values define us at Arrowhead Tech. We prioritize meaningful connections, service-driven purpose, and a passionate approach to technology, reflecting our commitment to your business's success.

We understand that technology is about empowering people — the teams we work with and the communities they serve. This people-first mindset, infused with a purposeful mission and a zest for tech, drives us to achieve excellence together.

What Makes Us Different?

Our roots as Vermont natives and brothers form the cornerstone of Arrowhead Tech. This unique bond brings a level of camaraderie and understanding that is rare in the industry.

Our Air Force and Law Enforcement backgrounds instill a strong sense of trust, dedication and reliability in our business. We understand the challenges that local businesses encounter and leverage this knowledge to foster your business growth.

What Can We Do For You?

Leveraging tailored IT solutions, Arrowhead Tech propels your business forward. We dive into your unique challenges, offering personalized strategies that reflect our commitment to your success and growth.

Our services are a blend of innovation and practicality. We don’t just follow trends; we focus on what works best for you, leveraging technology to enhance efficiency, security, and business continuity in meaningful ways.

A Conversation Awaits

Unlock a Partnership for
Tomorrow's Growth

Every story is unique, and we genuinely want to hear yours. Reach out, share your ambitions, and let's chart a course to success.