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Every business, organization, or individual has unique needs when it comes to technology and IT Services. Let's discuss what you aim to achieve and the challenges you face. Our goal is to find tailored solutions that fit your needs without unnecessary upselling.

We provide a comprehensive, fully managed stack of IT solutions to ensure your business runs smoothly and stays secure. For those who are looking for supplemental support, our co-managed services can enhance your existing IT team with expert consulting, advanced cybersecurity tools, remote support, and assistance with meeting industry compliance. With Arrowhead Tech, you get exceptional service at competitive rates.

Estimated Pricing Scenarios

Small Business

An engineering firm with 11 office users and 9 frontline workers

3-year agreement

AI-Driven Endpoint Defense

Patch Management

Microsoft 365 Productivity

Phishing Email Prevention

Managed Device Backups

Security Awareness Training

Multi-Factor Authentication

IT Asset Management

24/7 SOC Monitoring

Unlimited Remote Support

Mid-Sized Business

A local healthcare provider with 42 employees and devices

1-year agreement

All Small Business Services

Risk Assessments

Vulnerability Management

Industry Compliance (HIPAA)

Feature-Rich VoIP Phones

Instant Server Cloud Failover

Real-Time Threat Hunting

Policy Implementation

vCISO Leadership

Surveillance Systems

Co-Managed IT

Providing supplemental solutions to support your existing IT team

Contact for Custom Pricing

Expand Your Help Desk

Access to Security Tools

Cost-Effective Licencing

Cloud and Email Migrations

Network Installations

Security Consulting

Project Planning

Questions And Answers

Is this a quote or an estimate?

This calculator is designed to provide an estimate and give you a better idea of the cost of outsourcing IT support. Once you decide to move forward, our team will conduct a formal assessment of your IT infrastructure and propose a detailed plan with an official quote to meet your goals.

What is the contract length?

For Managed IT Services, our contracts range from; 12, 24, and 36 month contracts. This helps to lock in a rate and save our clients' money.

Will we save money by hiring an MSP?

As opposed to having an internal IT team, most definitely. But the cost savings go beyond the monthly cost. If there is an incident and you are not working with the right IT company, you may have to bear the price of ransomware, or even worse, loss of data that cannot be recovered. Our systems use "Best Efforts" to defend against such things.

Why is month to month pricing more expensive than a 3 year contract? Is it the same service?

The tools that we use to offer protection are charged to us at different intervals and will cost us if you leave prior to at least 1 year. We use contracts to pass on the cost savings to our clients. And yes, it is the same service.

Can I pick and choose which services I want to purchase?

Many IT service providers offer a "good, better, best" or "bronze, silver, gold" package model. However, solutions are not always 'one size fits all' and each business has unique needs.

We believe that all clients, regardless of size, deserve a minimum level of security that meets our standards. We have purposefully built Arrowhead Tech on this foundation, which makes us unique in the industry.

Will I need to budget for hardware or invest in additional equipment?

During the assessment and discovery process, we may identify some items that need to be addressed. Our goal is not to break the bank but to work with you on your budget to put things in the place they need to be. However, there have been times when critical infrastructure does need to be replaced, and we take these on a case-by-case basis.

Is my line of business software included in your monthly fee?

We are able to support most line of business software packages and will work with your vendor when needed.

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